About Grant

My name is Grant Tweed and I am a sales associate specializing in commercial and farm properties with Century 21 West-Man Realty Ltd. While the main office is located at 244 Tenth Street in Brandon, I travel throughout the westman region and work with a variety of clients in marketing their business ventures.

I have resided in western Manitoba most of my life. Prior to joining the real estate industry I spent many years managing a farm implement dealership and had earlier involvement in the auto industry and farming.

My business career gave me the opportunity to work with customers in all parts of Manitoba and I have a good understanding of the business climate and economic opportunities that exist throughout the province. I feel I can provide quality service to those seeking a realtor to work with on commercial and farm transactions in western Manitoba.

Please take a moment to review my exclusive listings. Of course, I also have access to the many other Century 21 listings as well as other realtors’ Multiple Listing Service properties. In addition, we often know of other business opportunities that are not generally advertised. If you are looking for something specific, please do not hesitate to call, I may have just what you need.

I also do some work with residential properties in Killarney and area.You can view my listings under that category. Please call if you plan to buy or sell a home in that area. If you are looking in other communities, please call as I may be able to recommend an agent in that area.

If you have questions regarding real estate in Western Manitoba, please contact me anytime. I will endeavor to provide competent professional service to all buyers and sellers.



“Grant Tweed acted as our realtor in the sale of our grain farm situated near Brandon in Manitoba. Grant demonstrated a lot of patience as it took well over a year for the deal to be finalized. I am sure our purchaser would join us in saying that only someone as resourceful as Grant could have made it happen for all of us. With his family roots firmly based in Manitoba, Grant has the contacts to overcome any problem that may arise and with his quiet friendly way he was always a pleasure to deal with.”
Paddy Cooke

* * * *

“If it hadn’t been for Grant’s knowledge of both the current valuations of property and his connections in the business community, we would still have our property for sale. He delivered on what he promised.”
Pat Haggerty, Canada

* * * *

“Grant Tweed helped me to come over to Canada in many ways. His quiet and somewhat cheeky nature charmed me from the start and instantly I was able to believe in him. Not knowing the area and indeed the farming I was pleased to discuss anything along those lines with him.

The area is vast and the landscape varies from field to field the soil texture, drainage and land quality in general is something that Grant knows like the back of his hand.
I came over on my own with little experiance but lots of dreams if it wasn’t for Grant Tweed I would not be here today.

His knowledge of machinery was a great asset too. We are not familiar with the vast array of implements available. Sure you can read as many farming papers as you want but the best form of advertising is by word of mouth. Machinery suggested by Grant is still working on my farm today.”
Jamie Byrom, Formerly from North Yorkshire, England

* * * *

I met Grant Tweed in the fall of 2000 when I visited the Brandon area to find out about farming opportunities in Manitoba. I spent about two weeks there & during that time Grant showed me several farms in various areas of the province. He provided me with straightforward information & took time to point out both the positive & negative aspects of the farming industry. We also visited livestock auctions, equipment dealers & government agriculture offices.

We maintained contact by phone & E-mail &, after due consideration, I returned in the fall of 2001 with the intent of buying a farm. At first we revisted some of the farms I had seen the previous year & then looked at farms that had recently come on the market. I did choose a farm in the area Southeast of Brandon & with Grant’s assistance negotiated a purchase that allowed for my circumstances as a non-Canadian. Allowances were made for me to have time to obtain a Visa & sell my farm in Ireland. All together I stayed about a month on that visit & during that time Grant helped me to gather information I would need for my Visa application & introduced me to professional services I would need such as a bank, lawyer, accountant, etc.

I arrived in late February of 2003 & Grant met me at the Winnipeg airport. Over the next few days he helped me to take possession of the farm, get my various Canadian registrations (health care, social insurance, GST, Etc.). Later he provided advice on my cattle & equipment purchases.

Throughout the process, Grant was helpful in providing information on farms & the local communities but at no time did I feel pressured to make a decision nor was I pushed toward a particular property. He has a broad range of experience & I continue to seek his honest advise on farming issues.
Neilie Cremin, Formerly of County Cork, Ireland

* * * *

“Greetings Grant. Carol and I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled the sale of our home in Killarney Manitoba earlier this year. Your use of the internet and newspaper ads were instrumental in developing an interest in the property. The home sold in a short period of time for a reasonable market price. We were both very satisfied with your efforts on our behalf and would recommend you to all persons requiring the services of a Real Estate Professional.”
Paul and Carol Melanson, Morden, Manitoba

* * * *

“My wife Sharon and myself would like to say just a few things about the sale of our home. Mr. Tweed realized he was selling our home, not just a house and he was able to find just the right buyer to appreciate those things we considered special in our home. We found Grant to be totally professional, extremely trustworthy and very responsible to our needs in handling all the necessary papers and details. ”
Fred and Sharon Forster

* * * *

Kathy and I would like to take this time and thank you Grant for all that you did for us on the purchase of the property in South-western Manitoba. We have been looking for property in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Grant Tweed was the only Realtor that took the time to aid us in finding the right property for us. From taking pictures that we asked for; to finding us a lawyer in Brandon that would handle the purchase of our property. Once again Thank-you!
Wayne and Kathy Nazar, Fort McMurray, AB.

* * * *

My husband and I met Grant when we contacted him regarding a property on his website. We had come across the property through sheer serendipity while looking for a campsite in Killarney. It was an old brick schoolhouse in Ninette and we were enthralled by the possibilities it offered. After a weekend of thought, we contacted Grant through his website to find out more information and were amazed to see an email reply later that day.

Although Grant began as the purchaser’s realtor, we felt we were also in capable hands. For us as immigrants, we were now considering buying a property in rural Manitoba, in an area where we had no experience and had never even visited. There was a lot for us to learn and frankly without Grant helping us with advice on everything from the area to the water testing, as well as referrals for a lawyer and insurance, I don’t how we would have managed! In fact, all in all, buying the ‘School-house’ in Ninette was the easiest thing we have ever done and we love it!

Grant’s honesty and integrity is apparent, he is extremely professional, always returns calls and emails promptly and offers considered advice when required. He was more than willing to travel the 2 hours to Winnipeg to meet us and sort out the paperwork and documentation. You never feel rushed or pressured with Grant, he has an easy-going and friendly manner, and doesn’t seem to mind answering the continual questions! However, more than all that, Grant has become a friend in our new venture. Not only did he bring a lovely housewarming gift and pop by to see how things were going, he went above and beyond the call of duty when he answered my plea for help recently.

After a weekend of working in our School-house, we had forgotten to empty the trash. The image of smells and maggots meant I couldn’t leave it until our next visit to the country the following week and so this meant a 4-hour round trip just to take out the garbage. Knowing that there was one person who knew the property and that we could trust implicitly, I phoned Grant. However, it was really no surprise to me that he was more happy to help even although it meant a bit of a drive for him, he’s a true friend! Thank-you Grant!

John and Tricia Tennent


I have clients looking to rent or purchase good grazing land for 2015 & beyond. Please call if you have pasture available. Large parcels welcome.

Recent discussion regarding farm land values.

“There are still definitely buyers, especially for the better quality properties, but maybe the enthusiasm has been dampened somewhat,” said Grant Tweed, of Century 21 West-Man Realty at Brandon, Man.

Read article:  http://www.agcanada.com/daily/prairie-farmland-market-still-strong-but-slowing-down

Grant Tweed in the “Canadian Cattlemen” Magazine – June 25, 2013

By: Brandon Logan

Demand from Prairie farmers looking to add to their individual land bases was curbed by a late spring — but farmland prices were still up, according to real estate agents specializing in the field.

“There is desire from farmers to add land, but weather conditions levelled off that demand,” said Grant Tweed of Century 21 Westman Realty at Brandon, Man. “Everyone’s spring was delayed and then rushed. I think people decided to deal with what they had before they started to look at more acres.”

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Farm Ownership Alternatives.

If you own farm property you know what a secure & valuable investment it can be. There are many options available if you want to hold on to your land but no longer want to do the actual farming. It is possible to continue managing the operation & having the work done by custom operators. That does mean you are still tied down to the daily oversight as the crop moves from seeding through to harvest & then the marketing of the grain produced. A more popular choice is to rent out the land & let someone else handle all the matter associated with crop production while you earn income through the rent & at the same time watch the value of your investment in land grow. If you would like help in understanding the many options that you have, I would be happy to meet with you. There is “No Charge” for a preliminary discussion & I think you will be surprised the number of choices you have. Call me anytime at: 204-761-6884.